iLeaseMyCar Pro App Reviews

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Do not waist your money

Buy option doesnt work at all

Great Tool !!!

Its allowed me to assist several family members not comfortable with purchase/finance of vehicles.

Simply the best

Saved me lots of $$$$


I retract my prior review. This app did exactly what I needed. Was able to discuss deal and work numbers at same time as dealer. Very helpful. Thanks.

Sr. Mgr.

Just concluded my first Lear of a car. This app is outstanding. Felt very comfortable being able to compare data with dealer contract. Thx for the help section as well.


I am a car salesman, this app makes my job easier! Super accurate, and I highly recommend it .

Great app helps big time.

Helped negotiate lease terms with dealer.


Very accurate, and helpfull app.


Used it to negotiate lease helped save over 3,000. Outstanding. Good app Leec

Great app

Incredibly well done app, very user friendly & super easy. Highly recommended.

Like It A Lot

Great app. Seamless operation and fast. I just purchased a new Jeep JK and was able to verify the payment and finance numbers on the fly while at the dealership. I buy cars every couple of years for my wife and myself so I dont use it as much as a dealer would but I will use it each time I purchase a car in the future

Great app

This is a great tool to check the numbers you get when working a deal. It is also useful to determine what you can afford

Great app!

As an auto broker, I use this app every day when I am not in my office. It is as accurate as the very expensive software on my desktop, and much more user friendly. I HIGHLY recommend this app.


Really helpful app for estimating and breaking down dealers sale and lease offers.


Best app in its class


Confusing user interface.

Best lease app hands down!

This app is amazing it takes all the confusion out of structuring a lease.. This is an app that I use daily and has made me a lot of money. It also has the ability to help a buyer save thousands when negotiating a deal. Must own app. R. Herrera

Just a miserable user interface

Poor design, too much on a single page, no hierarchy of data, first thing the developer should do is whiteboard the whole thing over again, put only the mandatory items on the page with the additional details (less frequently used) on a second page. Second thing is scroll pages to where they move above the keyboard so you can at least select a field below the field that has focus, currently selecting a field in the middle of the screen results in it being covered by the keyboard, you can just slide up the screen. Entering numbers then hitting done doesnt move you to the next field, it clears out the field you are in.

Best app for salespeople

Amazing. You can desk deals on your iPhone!

Lease Pro

Great program, Ive been using it for years and have never had an issue. I even have my boss using it to work deals.

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